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Lisvane Memorial Hall Treasurer

Could you be the next Memorial Hall Treasurer?

Lisvane Memorial Hall is an important community asset run by volunteer trustees. Martyn Ridge has been Treasurer for a long time and has decided to step back next year after 18 years of service. He will continue to serve the community as a trustee, but we seek a new Treasurer.

What does the job involve?

Martyn says “I have very much enjoyed serving the past 18 years and had a happy relationship with fellow Trustees. I now have other commitments but will still remain a Trustee.

It is a basic Treasurer's role of keeping bookkeeping records and collecting and banking money, and invoicing monthly the regular hirers and liaising with Emma, the Booking Secretary.

Also preparing the accounts for independent examination at year end, in February. An interesting and enjoyable role to become more involved with the local Community.”

If this role attracts you, Martyn will be pleased to speak to you on 029 2075 9335.

We also have vacancies for Trustees in a more general role. To find out more, contact our secretary Chris Parsons lmhtrusteesecretary@gmail.com tel 029 2074 7241.

John Cranwell, Trustee Chair lmh.chair@gmail.com 029 2075 7032