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About Lisvane Players
Lisvane Players are one of Cardiff’s oldest acting groups and have been producing high quality shows since 1952. We celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2012 with a very special production “All the World’s A Stage”.

If you would like to join the Lisvane Players we meet every Thursday during term time at 7.30pm in Lisvane Memorial Hall. We currently perform 2 plays and one festival night each year. Every play is cast through an informal process before rehearsals begin. We welcome people who are able to help in all kinds of roles from set building to tending the bar during the play. We are a very friendly society with a wide range of backgrounds and ages. We are even known to retire after rehearsals to the Griffin Inn. We also enjoy visits to other productions and social occasions.
Contact Liz Heaven on 02920 560083.

Next Production 

Lisvane Players invite you to relive "The Good Old Days" at their Old Time Music Hall with Chairman Mr John Atkinson. This will be held as usual in the Memorial Hall from Thursday to Saturday, April 19th to 23rd. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm. Tickets £8 from Angela Goddard 20156660 and all club members. 

Previous Productions:

Ladies Down Under…

A play by Amanda Whittington

Directed by Emma Thayer

Following on from one of our previous plays, Ladies Day, in which four Northern lasses with jobs in a fish packing plant, went to Ascot and won quarter of a million pounds.

The ladies have decided to take a trip of a lifetime. Shelley (Becky Thayer), Pearl (Angela Goddard), Linda (Rachel Brooks) and Jan (Angela Devereux Booth) encounter some interesting (and some downright quirky) characters who challenge their perspective on life and love(!). 

Surfers’ Paradise thrill seeker, Shane (Richard Atkinson), is a Big Drop junky, seeking a feeling of communion that (for him) can only be found on a board at the mercy of the rips and curls of the Southern Ocean. Jaded aristocrat, Charlie (Kevin Ham), is a self-professed ‘nutter’ with a word or two of salty wisdom for soul searching Pearl. And Joe (John Atkinson) who set off on his travels Down Under at the end of our last production; has his budding relationship with Jan withstood the test of time and distance…? Speaking of relationships, poor Shelley is still as single as they come; could our wise young traveller, Danny (Ross Capel – our newest member and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama alumni), start to find the real Shelley underneath the make-up and the glamour…? We’ll also throw in two utterly fabulous drag queens (Steve Best and Mike Edmunds) for good measure, who will work their magic to bring our lovely Linda out of her shell.


The Dark Earth and the Light Sky by Nick Dear

In August 1914 – the year that war broke out – the writers Edward Thomas and Robert Frost were on holiday with their families near the village of Dymock, Gloucestershire. Three years after their pivotal meeting in the English countryside, Frost was on his way to becoming a great American poet and Edward Thomas was dead. He died at the Battle of Arras in 1917.

Nick Dear’s new play explores the enigma of Edward Thomas through the eyes of those who loved him best.

 Anybody for Murder by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner

 On a remote farmhouse on an equally remote Greek Island, murder most foul is afoot! Max and his lover Suzy have concocted a plot to kill Max's wife Janet, so they can be together, with one hundred thousand pounds insurance money as an added bonus. Their plan is for Janet to have a sailing "accident" and Suzy paves the way by rowing off the island, disguised as Janet in a blonde wig. But as soon as they have proceeded to the next step —drugging Janet— two unexpected visitors arrive, in the shape of George and Mary Ticklewell, distant relations of Janet's, who bring news of a million—dollar legacy.


'Inky blottes and rotten parchment bonds'.

How Heminge and Condell saved Shakespeare. Which is a quotation from Richard 2nd, and becomes very important in the play. Look out for further news after rehearsals start in September. This will be our entry in the RSC Open Stages Competition, which if we were successful could lead to us performing at the RSC Stratford – what a challenge for us and our superb director Liz..........................

 “A Pack of Lies” by Hugh Whitemore

Our Spring production at end of April was superbly directed by John Atkinson (who also took a major part) was a play based on a true story from 1961 of a pair of Russian spies, Helen & Peter Kroger. Living as “sleepers” in England it was the effects on their friends and next door neighbours Bob & Barbara Jackson. This was a very interesting and unusual play which explored the inter-personal relationships when friendship and trust turns out to be destroyed by betrayal. This was a deeply moving drama and all the more intense as it was virtually the original “true life” story. It was performed admirably by an experienced cast, with tension slowly mounting. With really appropriate late 1950’s early 1960’s popular songs linking scenes and especially poignant during the many well acted individual addresses to the audience, which linked past and present.

Angela Goddard gave a very impressive and powerful performance as the ordinary domestic housewife whose whole world was turned upside down. Director John Atkinson “a glutton for punishment” by also taking the complex roll of Stewart the man from MI5. A huge commitment from him, which was admirably justified with an excellent production proving to be a huge success. There was also a fine debut performance with the Players for young Beckie Thayer, whose proud grandmother Judy Thayer,  played one of the watching policewomen. All in all a very well received play, watched by very good and appreciative audiences over its three night run.




Cast: Bob Jackson – Steve best, Barbara Jackson – Angela Goddard, Julie Jackson – Beckie Thayer, Helen Kroger – Angela Devereux- Booth, Peter Kroger – Paul Doubler, Stewart – John Atkinson, Thelma – Judy Thayer, Sally – Ruth Toye.

Lisvane Players chosen for Royal Shakespeare Companies 2014 Open Stages

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our wonderful Chairman and Shakespearean Director Liz Heaven our company is one of the few Amateur groups invited to take part in this RSC exciting project! Having received nearly 200 applications from companies across the UK, the RSC along with 6 partner theatres will work with just 86 selected amateur groups, supporting them with mentoring and workshops to create their own RSC Open Stages production in their own venue. The project began on the weekend of the 28 September 2013 when all 90 directors came together for the first and only time in Stratford-upon-Avon to participate in two days of skills workshops led by the RSC’s own team of theatre practitioners. More news will follow on this great opportunity for Lisvane Players as it develops. This will be our Autumn 2014 production!

Previous production:

“A Triumph for Rob Davies as Dafydd in A Chorus of Disapproval.” November 2013 Production.
This Alan Ayckbourn play is a very popular one with amateur drama companies as it is a very clever and funny "play within a play" of a drama company putting on a production of the Beggars Opera. It contains all the usual drama society stereotypes’ and all the 1001 problems and difficulties in bringing a play from its inception, through weeks of rehearsals to the actual production. Directed by a madly eccentric Welshman Dafydd Ap Llewellyn. The play is cleverly interwoven with sub plots of affairs and dodgy dealings slipping between the present and John Gay's famous Beggars Opera with parallels between what is happening in the present and the scenes portrayed in the play! Rob Davies had a monster of a part in Dafydd but he rose to the challenge and turned in wonderful performances over our three nights. In fact if ever an actor could have been typecast this was it - Rob was Dafydd! A great supporting cast of the usual Lisvane stalwarts helped to make this a very funny and enjoyable play.

Guy Jones – Niall
Dafydd ap Llewellyn – Rob Davies
Hannah Llewellyn – Rachel
Fay Hubbard – Pippa Farrington
Ian Hubbard – Steve Best
Baines – Ruth Toye
Ms Ames – Judith Rose
Enid Washbrook – Judy
Ted Washbrook – Paul Doubler
Linda Washbrook – Angela
Rebecca Huntley-Pike Angela Devereux-Booth

Jarvis Huntley-Pike – Kevin McAnulty
Crispin Usher
– John Atkinson
With other characters and huge back stage support from Mary Hudd, John Bartlam, Jan Joynson, Kevin Ham, Maggie Edmunds, Penny Liddle and last but by no means least our superb lighting wizard Jill McAnulty.

 The Lisvane Sumer 2013 Festival:

On a balmy summer evening at the end of June our company put on a veritable miscellany of entertainment. In a two hour show to a packed and appreciative audience our talented ensemble put on everything from a full staged episode of the very popular “Yes Prime Minister” to Flanagan and Allan, Songs from the Shows, Various Poetry Reading to Stand Up Comedy. We are not sure who enjoyed it the most, our cast or the audience.

Festival Pic 1 – John Atkinson, Paul Doubler and Steve Best
in Yes Prime Minister / Pic 2 Rob Davies (left) and kevin McAnulty as Flanagan
& Alan. Pic 3 Richard Atkinson, John Atkinson, Angela Goddard, Ruth Toye and
John Bartlam in a song and dance medley.

 The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov – Performed 23 /24 & 25th May 2013 As usual a huge amount of effort went into this production. It proved very popular over its three night run, audience reaction and reviews were very good. Our regular critic for the Lisvane Link Mary Bye wrote: “The Cherry Orchard is not the easiest of plays to act in or produce, but it is good to see the Players taking up the challenge. They can do comedies and farces but clearly they can do straight stuff to. The wonderful costumes (as can be seen in the picture here) helped the actors with their rolls and certainly contributed to the enjoyment of the audience. Well done to director Jan Joynson and the entire
cast and crew involved”.

Cast – Angela Goddard, John Atkinson, Rob Davies, Rob Davies,
Pippa Farrington, Kevin McAnulty, Sarah Madden, John Bartlam, Ruth Toye, Mike
Edmunds, Steve Best, Eamonn Corbett – Directed by Jan Joynson
Huge thanks also to the back stage team who put in so much time and effort to get us
actually on stage and performing...... Kevin Ham, Penny Liddle, Mary Hudd and
last but by no means least our fantastic Lighting Supremeo  Jill McAnulty

December 2012 Bedroom Farce
We all enjoyed and had great fun with our most recent production -Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourne. Over three nights at the end of November we played to a packed Lisvane Memorial Hall with near record attendances. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this very funny play and indeed we received much critical acclaim.
Our energetic and enthusiastic cast were: Malcolm – Rob Davies, Kate- Angela Devereux – Booth, Ernest – Kevin McAnulty, Delia – Angela Goddard, Nick – Paul Doubler,
Jan – Liz Heaven, Suzanne – Rachel Harper, Trevor – Richard Atkinson.

But as everyone knows it’s not just those that trod the boards, but a great team effort from so many of the group who work so hard to ensure that everything goes well on the night. Not least of course our fantastic Mike Edmunds & Jan Joynson who directed and produced the show – where would we have been without them?

Mac, Angela, Liz & Paul

Rachel, Angela, Rob & Richard

Bedroom Farce Encore

After we recovered from the very hard intensive week of the show we had a great night December 13th at the Ty Mawr in Lisvane. There we had our Christmas Meal and Social get together. It really was a lovely evening. After the excellent food was consumed about eight of the players all did a “turn” entertaining the party with humorous poems, readings and songs.


Past Productions

“All the World’s A Stage”, performed April 2012 extracts from Shakespeare edited by Liz Heaven

Lisvane Players celebrated their 60th anniversary with a very special production, “All the World’s a Stage”. This was directed by Liz Heaven and illustrated each decade of the past century with an extract from Shakespeare, from the 1900s (think the “Upstairs Downstairs” version of “Comedy of Errors”) to a twist on the modern day through “The Tempest”. Some scenes were emotional, like World War II depicted through “Henry V” with the famous speeches “Once more unto the breach dear friend” and “Upon St Crispin’s Day”, others were treated with humour, for instance the 1960s through a drug induced “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the feel good era of dreamboats and petticoats, the 1950s, viewed through “Much Ado About Nothing”.

As well as performing at Lisvane Memorial Hall, we also presented extracts from the show at Sherman Cymru. A great experience enjoyed by all!

“Lysistrata” by Aristophanes – November 2011

This adventurous show directed by Niall Hughes was set in Ancient Greece and originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC. It involved a large cast and was a comic account of one woman's extraordinary mission to end The Peloponnesian War. Lysistrata persuaded the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace — a strategy that inflamed the battle between the sexes.

“Oh what a Lovely War”, - April 2011 by Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and members of the Original Cast, revised and restored by Joan Littlewood

This humorous musical was a bleak comment on the waste and destruction in World War I. Directed by Mike Edmunds and Jan Joynson, with musical direction by Judith Rose, this production received many comments and touched the hearts of the audience as well as the actors.

Chairman – Liz Heaven
Secretary – Jan Joynson
Treasurer – Steve Best

For further information about Lisvane Players please contact Angela Goddard,

Tel: 029 20756660