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LCC Meeting Documents

The following documents are being discussed at the next meeting of Lisvane Community Council.

April 2019

Draft March LCC minutes

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn minutes

Review of Polling Stations

Local Democracy and Boundary Commission

LCA Funding Request 

Member's Expenses 

Declarations of Interest 

Reconciliation 31st March 2019

Receipts 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Payments 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Budget Report to March 2019

Allocation of Reserves 

March 2019

Draft February minutes

One Voice Wales (OVW) Membership letter

OVW Guide to Services


Welsh Government Shared Working Grant

WG SWG Annex A, Annex B, Annex C

Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales

OVW Refresher Courses

Learning Plan

Wales Air Ambulance letter

Llangollen Eisteddford 2019 

February 2019

Draft January minutes

Auditor General Reports

50 Plus Club letter 

January 2019

Draft December minutes

Internal Audit Engagement Letter




Budget Monitoring

Precept Report

Precept Calculation

10 Year Precepts

Public Works Loan Board: Loan Repayment Quote

Allocation of Reserves 

December 2018

Draft November minutes

Heol y Delyn Pavilion

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn minutes

   June, July, August, September. October

Taylor Wimpey Community Statutory Notice

Taylor Wimpey NE Cardiff covering letter

Taylor Wimpey Site Location

Taylor Wimpey Email

Consultation on Cardiff Council Budget Proposals

Section 137 letter 

November 2018

Draft October minutes

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes

Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Email 

Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Report

Plas y Delyn Parking 

October 2018 

Draft September minutes

Lisvane Road closure order

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes 

Dog Controls Consultation

One Voice Wales Revised Standing Orders Amendment

Model Standing Orders

Audit Return 

Receipts April to September 2018

Expenditure April to September 2018

Reconciliation 30 September 2018 

Budget Monitoring 

September 2018

Draft July minutes

Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes

WAG Petroleum Extraction Policy

LCC Insurance Schedule 

July 2018

Draft minutes of LCC June

Community Council Charter

Community Bank Business Plan

Skip Query

Standing Orders

Allocation of Reserves

One Voice Wales email

Defribrillator Training

Forecast of Reserves

Reconciliation to June 2018

Receipts April to June 2018

Expenditure April to June 2018 

Budget Monitoring

Friends of Coed y Felin AGM minutes

Friends of Coed y Felin Balance Sheet

June 2018 

Draft minutes of LCC May meeting (AGM)


Annual Report 2017/18

Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 Part 1

Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 Part 2

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn April minutes

Remuneration Panel for Wales Report 2017/18

Internal Audit Report 2017/18

Explanation of Significant Variation 2017/18 

 May 2018

Draft April LCC minutes

Annual Review of LCC Policies

Risk Management

LCC Minutes 08/05/2017 (AGM)

Public Notice Planning Permission

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes 02.05/18 

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn minutes 19/02/18

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn minutes 19/03/18 

GDPR Update from NALC

Job Centre website 

Casuarina Cramer (Big Ideas)

Receipts 01/04/17 - 31.03/18

Expenditure 01/04/17 - 31/03/18

Reconciliation March 2018

Budget Monitoring March 2018 

April 2018 

Draft March LCC minutes

Friends of Coed y Felin March minutes 

One Voice Wales Review of Community & Town Councils Response 

March 2018

Draft February minutes

WAG Community & Town Councils Review joint funding arrangements

            Annex - Core Themes

Air Ambulance

Financial Management & Governance: Auditor General's Report 

Local Democracy Boundary Commission Guidance for Review

Kidney Wales

National Association of Local Councils GDPR Toolkit (Request a copy from the clerk as document is too big to load)

One Voice Wales Membership renewal form

Parliament Week

Internal Auditor Appointment Letter 

 Annual Review of Internal Audit

 February 2018

Draft minutes of January meeting

Reconciliation April-December 2017  

Revised Budget Monitoring

Payments April to December

Income April to December 

Data Protection Officer

General Data Protection Regulations

Payment of Fees to the  Information Commissioners Office

Privacy Notices 

One Voice Wales draft minutes Bridgend/Vale/Cardiff Jan2018

Glamorgan Heritage Coast

Guidance on Clustering

Waste Medicine 

Friends of Coed y Felin February meeting minutes 

Friends of Parc Cefn-0nn December minutes  

January 2018

Draft minutes of December meeting

Budget monitoring at 31 December and proposals for 2018-19

Proposed allocation of reserves

Revised expenditure

Revised Receipts

Revised Reconciliation 

Report from the Friends of Coed y Felin

Draft response to the independent review of town and community councils

Draft contract for maintenance of the War Memorial

Internal Audit letter 

Boyer letter 

December 2017

Draft minutes of November meeting

Library Chairman's Report (AGM) 

Internal Auditor Appointment

Friends of Parc Cefn-Onn minutes 

Asbestos Management Plan update 

November 2017 

Draft minutes of October meeting

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn October minutes

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn AGM minutes

Friends of Coed y Felin November minutes 

CCV letter

Guidance on Clustering

OVW Area Committee minutes

WAG Revised Local Scheme

Ombudsman's Casebook 

October 2017

Draft minutes of September meeting 

Jayne Bryant letter

Loneliness Round Table Report

Community Review Guidance: Local Democracy & Boundary Commission 

Friends of Coed y Felin October 2017 minutes 

Cardiff Council : New Approach  Finding Work & Building Community Resilience Overview & Survey

St Denys Letter

Budget Monitoring September

Expenditure April to September

Receipts April to September

Reconciliation September 

 September 2017

Draft minutes of July meeting

Draft minutes of July Special meeting

Bridgend/Vale OVW Minutes

Bridgend/Vale OWV AGM

Community Mapping Presentation (Contact Clerk for copy)

CTC Clustering Letter

CTC Clustering Guidance

CTC Clustering Form

Reform of Data Protection Legislation

WAO Audit Report 

Friends of Parc Cefn Onn minutes (July)

Friend of Parc Cefn Onn minutes (August) 

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes 

July 2017

Draft minutes of June meeting

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes 

Budget Monitoring June 2017

Expenditure 1 April to 30 June 2017

Receipts 1 April to 30 June 2017 

Reconciliation June 2017 

June 2017

Draft minutes of May meeting

Risk Register

Model Local Resolution Protocol

Audit Annual Return (Please contact the clerk to the Community Council if you wish to see a copy of this document.)

Explanation of  Significant Variances

Internal Audit Report


Mill Road  Reprofiling 1

Mill Road Reprofiling 2

Mill Road Reprofiling 3 

Lisvane Community Plan

Merchant Navy Day 

Creating a Successful Youth Council

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes 

Friends of Parc Cefn-Onn minutes

May 2017 AGM

Draft Minutes of April Meeting

Youth Club Report

Youth Council

Allocation of Reserves

Audit Letter from WAO

Extract from Audit Report

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn Minutes 

One Voice Wales Area Meeting Report

Power-Up Leaflet

Power-Up Web Copy

Power Outage Advice 

Risk Management 

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes

Community Councils Guidance

Co-opted Councillor Vacancy

Co-option Legal Briefing 

April 2017

Draft Minutes of March Meeting

UK Parliament Week 

Brynhill Appeal 

Budget Report March 2017

Expenditure 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Receipts 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 

Reconciliation March 2017 

Allocation of Reserves 2017-2018 

March 2017 

Draft Minutes of February Meeting 

Lisvane Scoping Document

46 Heol y Delyn (1) 

46 Heol y Delyn (2)

Minutes Friends of Coed y Felin

White Paper on Reform of Local Government 

Draft Gypsy and Traveller Consultation Document

CLG Report on Public Parks 

Financial Management Community Councils 

IRPW Annual Report

One Voice Wales  SLCC Joint Event

Internal Audit Remit Letter 

February 2017

Draft Minutes of January Meeting

Draft Internal Control Procedure for VAT

Minutes of Friends of Coed y Felin meeting

One Voice Wales meeting report

Welsh Assembly Name Change Document 

Friend of Parc Cefn-onn minutes

Funding Strategy: Pension Fund 

Cardiff Capital Region City Deal Presentation (Please contact the Clerk for a copy of this presentation)

 January 2017

Draft Minutes of December Meeting

School Governance Reform Proposals 

School Governance Reform Questionnaire

Lisvane Community Council Scoping

Lisvane Community Council Map

Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Invitation

CPRW Powys Appeal 

Friends of Coed Y Felin minutes 

Precept Report

Allocation of Reserves 20117/18

Budget Monitoring December 2016

Reconciliation December 2016

Receipts 1/4/16 - 30/12/16

Expenditure  1/4/16 - 30/12/16

December 2016 Documents 

Draft Minutes of November Meeting

Audit Changes Government Paper

Audit Changes Annex

Audit Changes Response Form

School Governance Reform Proposals

School Governance Reform Questionnaire

November 2016 Documents

Draft Minutes of October Meeting 

Withdrawal of Caerphilly LDP 

One Voice Wales Meeting Report 

One Voice Wales Annual Report 

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes 

Lisvane Cabin Library Annual Report 

Planning Questions 

Lozelles Letter 

October 2016 Documents

Draft Minutes of September Meeting

LDP Consultation on Draft Supplement 

Land Transaction Tax Bill

CIL Draft Charging Schedule 

Accounts to 30 September:- 




   Budget Monitoring 

Letter from Remuneration Review Panel

Draft Annual Report from Remuneration Review Panel 

Review of constituencies 

Friends of Coed y Felin October minutes

September 2016 Documents

Draft Minutes of July Meeting

One Voice Wales Motions

Working with Young People Guidance 

Proposed Telecommunications Site  

Future of One Voice Wales

Creation of Association of Local Council Clerks 

Friends of Coed y Felin minutes

Borrowing by Community Councils

Borrowing Approvals Guide 

July 2016 Documents 

Completed Health & Safety Checklist

Friends of Coed y Felin Minutes

Lisvane War Memorial

Financial Reconciliation June 2016

Receipts 1/4 - 30/6

Expenditure /14 - 30/6

P2 Financial Regulations

June 2016 Documents

Audit Annual Return P1, P2, P3, P4, P6, P7 

Audit Report P1, P2, P3, P4, P5,

If you wish to view the above documents, please contact Chris Burdett, Clerk to the Council, on 029 2132 8027, e-mail him on clerk.lisvanecc@btinternet.com or write to him at 38 Llwyn-y-Pia Road, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14 0SY.

Explanation of Variances

Grant Letter 

May 2016 (AGM) Documents:-

Financial Management & Governance Presentation

Update to Model Financial Regulations Feb 2016

P2 Financial Regulations 2016

P1 Standing Orders

P5 Risk Management 2016 

Local Government Model Code of Conduct

Local Government Ethical Framework Letter 

Youth Councils

One Voice Wales Benefits of Membership

One Voice Wales meeting notes

Superfast Broadband Presentation

Friends of Coed y Felin April Minutes

Friends of Parc Cefn-onn March Minutes