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Lisvane Graig Protection Society

E-Mail: graigprotection@deanlisvane.co.uk

Next Event.
The Graig Protection Society is holding a short walk this coming Sunday, March 10th, meeting in the Old School Playground at 2:30 pm.
As advertised in the Lisvane Link, this walk will attempt to show the Public Rights of Way (PROW’s) and the unofficial paths of the area N.E. of the reservoirs which is likely to be affected by the proposed housing developments in the area.
However, I must draw your attention to the fact that the area is very flat and low lying and hence has been badly affected by the recent rain and is very muddy!
Do NOT wear your best trainers and it may be worth considering wellington boots as being more appropriate! (The best made plans of mice & men.....)
Last Event.

The Graig Protection Society continued its tradition of organising a New Year Walk to a nearby hostelry for lunch on the first Sunday of the New Year. This year it was held on Sunday January 6th with a walk to the Black Cock Inn on the west side of Caerphilly Mountain. About 25 keen walkers met in the car park of Lisvane Station at 9:45. The weather was dry and thankfully it had been dry for some time so conditions underfoot were excellent for walking. While it was generally cloudy it was not too cold and little wind, in fact ideal conditions for a winter walk!

We walked up through Cefn Onn Park and up onto the ridge by the quarry and then proceeded west to Thornhill Road to meet it just north of the Travellers’ Rest Inn. We then picked up a couple more walkers for the final bit of the walk through the Ridgeway Golf Club and on to the Black Cock Inn for about 12:00 noon having walked just under 4 miles. A roast lunch was served to ‘refuel’ the walkers for the return journey, which was by a different route. This was via Thornhill Road and then across the fields to the path just north of Llanishen Golf Club and then back to the station

Please e-mail :- graigprotection@deanlisvane.co.uk or phone 077 9326 5554


Lisvane Footpath Guide

The Lisvane Graig Protection Society has printed further copies of its Footpath Guide called ‘Footpaths around Lisvane’. This issue has been amended to reflect a few changes and an omission from the previous edition. So if you feel a need to  be fully up to date, this is your chance to buy another copy! Copies (£3) will be available in the Lisvane Store. Thanks must be given to Phil Daley for agreeing to sell further copies.

Mike Dean (Chairman) 077 9326 5554 or E-Mail: graigprotection@deanlisvane.co.uk 

The Society:

The Lisvane Graig protection Society is based in Lisvane and is affiliated to the LCA. Contact Mike Dean (Chairman)

The Graig Protection Society takes the privacy of members and anybody enquiring about walks seriously. For members it will hold names, addresses, email addresses & membership status for the purpose for informing of any forthcoming walks and to send reminders for membership renewal. This is only accessible by the Chairman and Treasurer. The Society does not automatically process your information or share your information with any other groups or organisations. You have the right, subject to proof of identity, to review and request removal or rectification of any information that the Society holds via the Chairman or Treasurer.


This picture, is taken from Lisvane Reservoir of the pair of victorian reservoirs, Llanishen and Lisvane. You can also view the RAG (Reservoir Action Group) website at http://reservoir-action-group.blogspot.com/