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Lisvane Community Association (LCA)

The LCA is a voluntary body and a registered charity. It has no statutory powers or responsibilities, therefore it can do only what the majority of its members wish to do. Primarily it acts as a co-ordination, communication and fund-raising body with the aim of benefiting Lisvane residents. Residents of Lisvane join the Association by paying a membership fee (currently £8 per annum for each household or £15 for postal delivery outside Lisvane). Groups join the LCA by paying an affiliation fee of £10 per annum. Membership brings entitlement to a free copy of the monthly LCA Newsletter (LINK) delivered to each household. The LCA Newsletter acts as the main communication medium within Lisvane. (Contact for LINK advertising - Victoria Morgan, see below)

The Community Association is run by a committee made up of elected members of the community and nominated representatives of various sporting, educational, social and leisure groups within the village. More information about these groups may be found on the Social, Sport & Leisure page. The committee meets regularly to discuss matters of common interest and concern, to agree any actions and to arrange community social and fund-raising events.

The LCA is a forum for progressing issues which affect the quality of life of residents and which Cardiff County Council is not required or are unable to provide. The Cabin Library is a good example of a situation where the LCA working with the LCC, local businesses and individuals has been able to fill a gap in services provided by the County Council.

Problems encountered by members can be raised at LCA meetings where, if appropriate, they may be referred to the relevant official channel. The LCA will work with the LCC and County Councillor to see that issues are progressed in the most effective way.

Chairman: Chris Williams, Tel:029 20689339
Secretary: Colin George, Tel: 029 20747527

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   The following reports from affiliated groups were presented at the AGM:
Gardening Club, Llysfaen Singers, Lisvane Old School Community Centre TrusteesFriends of Coed y Felin, Lisvane Cricket Club, Bridge Club, Young Carers, Rotary.
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