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About Lisvane

Lisvane is a community north of Cardiff City Centre which has developed from a rural village within a farming community into an urban village and dormitory area for the city. The village still maintains a rural feel, largely because of its green open spaces to the north, east and south. Lisvane’s rural nature is seen as a major benefit and one of the defining essences of the village and as such, its preservation is a core aim of the Community Council alongside efforts to maintain and improve the facilities and environment for all Lisvane residents.

The community currently has about 3,300 residents and 1,700 dwellings. The total area of the constituency is about 2.9 square miles (755 hectares), of which less than a fifth is urban, the rest mainly fields and woodland.

The village has been in existence for at least 1500 years and an Iron Age hill fort is the oldest feature in the locality, so there were people in the vicinity dating back to pre-recorded history. The oldest existing village feature is the church, the current building dating from the 14th century. Go to the Historical Society page to read about our history and the Society’s activities.

There is an active village community based around a number of organisations including the Community Council, Community Association, Memorial Hall Trustees, Social Groups, Recreational, Educational and Environmental Groups, Churches and the School, all of which have a major influence on the community.  In addition, the village has pubs, shops, library, B&Bs, a network of public footpaths and public transport links via bus and rail.

This website acts as a central source of information related to life in Lisvane, alongside the monthly Link magazine which is produced and distributed to subscribing residents by the Lisvane Community Association.