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Welcome to the official website of Lisvane Community Council.

Collage - scenes of LisvaneLisvane is a village to the north of Cardiff, which although having the status of a dormitory suburb, still retains the feel of a rural village being largely surrounded by countryside. There is a well defined village centre with an ancient church, a pub and a village shop. The community has a strong identity which manifests itself in the many groups and activities which contribute to village life. The website is a vehicle to provide information about what is happening within the community. We hope it will be a valuable resource to all residents of the village.
We would like to welcome new residents to Lisvane. We hope you enjoy living here.

Lisvane's Community Council (LCC) meets on the second Monday of each month in the Old School cabin at 7.30pm. If you would like to contact the LCC, Contact Us send an email or telephone Haydn Davies, the Clerk to the Council, on clerk.lisvanecc@btinternet.com or 07979530278. You may also write to him at 7 Cherry Orchard Road, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14 0UD.

Lisvane has a very active Community Association (LCA). If you would like to get involved with the LCA, telephone the Chair, Chris Williams on 20689339. Why not become a member of the LCA for £10 pa and receive the monthly Lisvane Link which is full of local news and forthcoming events? In order to join, contact the Secretary, Colin George on 20747527.

The County Councillor for Lisvane is David Walker, tel: 20765836 or email: dwalker@cardiff.gov.uk

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